Index Of Pub Tales

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Bangkok 10110, Thailand

Story on this index page have been compromised by a hacker.

For all stories look in “site map” this is where all stories will be loaded, index has been hacked and hard to follow, Site map is much like an “index” at the beginning of a book, page 1 to where ever I end it, still downloading stories after being hacked by the crook AMERICAN HOSTING COMPANY, Rick Upshaw  copy and paste this web address don’t forget his face, he’s a real conman, a liar, web thief, cheat and a crook.

This guy got paid upfront he had a plan with larceny in his black heart, he’s a web thief, who would ever know what was in his head, but he created a lot of work for me by deleting stories or through incompetence lost them. He also got control of every password on all of my other hotel sites and shut them down under the pretense of his team was working on the SEO, team my ass he had a plan to scam.

I have my stories  backed up on a hard drive but its going to take me months to sort out and download and proof read again, he took control of all my web sites under the pretense of doing SEO work instead he locked me out and I had no idea what he was doing until he came looking for another big pay day, I got some of my passwords back via a little bit of gentle persuasion, like I wanted to knock him out, immigration was on his ass via some other people he robbed, a chiropractor and a couple of wellness hotels he shafted, one of the hotels had a copy of his passport and got immigration on his fat ass, he escaped back to the US before Thai immigration could pick him up or he would be spending some time in Bangkok Hilton and before he could extract any more money out of me, but it cost me all my content on Pub-tales, this is just another story in my bloody life, one I could have done with out, and part of the madness of living in Thailand.

Lucky the guys that built my main hotel web site had a backed up copy and had it back on line pretty quick, I’m waiting to get fixed as that web guy is a bit on the sleepy dopey side, I’m hoping to move back to Au soon then I can write about Thailand and all the shifty pricks that live here, that will be fun.

Web Black mail is a common trick they get control of your passwords and important web sites and sell them back at a price, who would ever know what this guys real motive was, money most likely, he did a lot of damage, are all web site builders nuts or just con men or both, pay me and a promise finished in a few days or a week, and it never happens you have to chase them up, never ever pay these people up front only pay on delivery of finished product and never give them all your passwords, only one site at at time, I trusted this prick and gave him access to everything, part of his con was he was linking them all and needed access, change them first day you get them back, these guys have no idea about building a business with honesty and integrity they live mainly day to day.

Lesson here is you never stop learning and trying not to be to stupid, beware of the smiling thief, especially when they rattle the God Sabre, why is it some people that use the God  and church thing often turn out to be crooks.