We did a trade on the Kirra hotel with the Bargara hotel and a big pocketful of cash, I sold it for approx 9-10 million and steady Eddie on sold it for $24 million fuck me I thought i was smart, and the guy Steady Eddie sold it to went broke and it sold for $14 million, pubs can be volatile.

I never wanted another small town hotel their hard yards to run so we went about selling it and on the day I was to sign a contract the accountant called me and said you can not sell  it because of all the capitol game tax, so I kept it and bought all the old houses and land surrounding the hotel not really knowing what I was going to do with it, and getting rid of the ferrills living in the houses was going to be hard with the ridiculous tenancies laws so I offered the tenants a free holiday telling them I was going to do the old houses up, as soon as they moved out the house removal guys moved in an wallah house and Ferrils gone along with their shit all over the place Ducks and Chooks that brought thousands of blow flies, happy days but what the fuck do I do with the land, the pub had a motel but a bit run down so I thought a new motel might be the go I had some spare cash and that was what I did and it worked along with an up market restaurant called Kacys

Bargara was a town full of shit, old houses and Ferrell, the old publican was a bit of a cowboy and had bands on sat Sunday afternoons, all this did was bring the shit from Bundy for a bit of a punch up, New years eve seen 35 cops line the street to stop the pricks wrecking it, and all this kept Bargara in the back waters, Bargara has a reputation of attraction it’s fair share of shit, and a bit of a hoity toity mixture moved into the beach front houses and units, the foul mouth tattooed lady on the Harley lives in Bargara.

I knew I had to get rid of the bands to get rid of the shit heads, I did this and peace came but a lot of unhappy shit heads, fuck them.