• I read this on the Thai Visa members forum and it shocked me, they have got into the 75% discount rate bullshit.
  • Ads Up to 75% off hotel bookings for Thaivisa members  this leads to a booking.com link.
  • this is a booking.com scam, 75% off what, and booking.com is part of the Trip Advisor booking company’s scam, all booking company’s offer these over the top discounts, this is a scam run off of a rigged rack rate, and hotels don’t care if it’s a bullshit booking company scam as long as their rooms are full.
  • Between these select bunch of thugs 3 or 4 company’s only control the internet, when are the public going to wake up it’s all about lies and big money, all scams are about money and nieviety.
  • They make 40 billion a year from fooling fools, and thug commissions off hotels.
  •  If a hotel says we can’t give you the special price go to the booking company, ask yourself why, don’t be a dummie.
  • I get people straight out of a taxi from the airport with their I pad or phone in their hand, straight off the ask for the WI-FI password and the girls ask where is Lemon Grass massage, it must be good its No 1 on Trip Advisor.
  • OK take this scenario Lemon Grass is owned by an English man and his Thai girlfriend, he is internet savvy, he knows how to write reviews and knows how to asks people to write reviews.
  • Now take a Great Thai massage place, their not internet savvy, can’t write or read English, most probably know nothing about Trip  Advisor and its lies, and their probably a better massage place and they have no ranking on Trip Advisor, do I need to say more, Trip Advisor is all bullshit, same goes for restaurants and hotels.
There are thousands of examples of fraud on the internet, they have been fined millions of dollar for fraud.
At the bottom of this there are a few links out of thousands where you can read about this fraudster company.
They have destroyed family owned businesses with fraudulent lies, they will not remove lies unless challenged in the courts and not many businesses can afford the cost or the time so the fraud just keep going on.
And the profit are so large, billions of dollars, and fines of a million dollars so small they snub their nose at the law and keep on with the lies and fraud..
Please share this or any article on “Facebook” time to get rid of these crook, to click on their sites is to endorse their dishonesty.
Also clicking on their sites make them money via clicks per view and from adds, 40 billion from COMMISSIONS STOLEN FROM HOTELS.
Conning business to pay them for a listing on their site, and then robbing them by putting a calender over that site redirecting traffic to sites paying commissions, or if your not paying commissions the public is told your booked out, and another calender pops up and you asked to check dates again and bingo they have scammed you, their crooked bastards
Telling lies to the public,  fooling the public into believing they have mechanisms and people in place to pick up fraudulent reviews, an out and out lie, how would they know what an anonymous person wrote was truth, they don’t.
And I’m amazed at how bloody stupid the average person has become.
Inviting liars to write fictitious reviews about good honest family business just to keep the new written content to stay on top ranked on Google, is a criminal and fraudulent act an act they have been fined millions of dollar in courts, a million dollar fine to them is so small they ignore it and keep on with their criminal act of standing over hotels, but its you the public that has to wake up..
These review sites have been described by judges as the new age Mafia.
 When they started in 2002, 90% of reviews were just simple reviews no one cared, in 2014 80 % are out and out lies, the reason is a mad scramble by business to be on the lucrative No 1 ranked spot and also more idiots finding they can write as much vindictive mindless rubbish as they like on this anonymous blog.
Fortunately the law is catching slowly up with the electronic age and these people can now be sued, its not freedom of speech, its slander.
This article is about trip Advisor, a company that started off about ten years ago, a blog for tourists to pass on good information, an idea that has been over the top abused, it became an anonymous haven for the nasty and vindictive amongst us, it exploded with all the gossip, unfortunately the public love petty gossip.
The days of nice people passing on nice and handy information are long gone, today its about money nasty and vindictive people being morons.
In ten years they have managed to make 40 billion dollars a year profit every year to 2014, profit up from 12 billion in 2012 a year to 40 billion, mainly from theft by redirecting hotel booking, and they did this by stealing Hotel key words and directing business to them and then they on sell it to those paying the highest commissions.
 They have built a massive booking company service, once there were hundreds of booking companies, now about 4,  these crooks bought them all out.
And how come you have never read anything bad about them, is because they employ thousand of web coders that have web crawlers picking up bad press, and these coders redirect this bad press to lots of different places, their very smart no doubt about that, and the laws of today have not caught up with the electronic age, but beware of what you write it’s catching up fast.
They have destroyed long established family owned businesses and the family’s, this site is an evil entity.
And you thought they were heroes because they gave nut cases a blog to write what ever they like.
Below is just a sample of how bad this mob are, click on one link ant it leads to a lot of others.
I like you was unaware of how bad this mob is until one day a customer trying to book into my hotel ran into all the redirects, he was a very curious person with a lot of web site experience and sent me some links as  people became more aware and Trip Advisor got more fines people became more interested in exposing them, but not easy hotels in particular are scared of them because they do own the internet, and their booking company’s do fill rooms even though it’s by bully tactics..


http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-30100973   this maybe a way for hotel to attack bad terrible review, on this it looks innocent enough but read it careful, its just two nasty old people, she looks like a profession Lemon sucker what a sour old puss.