Everything of Value Must be Hard Earned by our Own Hands, Instead of Depending on Someone Else

Everyone want to get the respect from others and possess things so much as possible, only some who want to obtain the benefits through the backs of others.
To those people It does not matter how it will being obtained by them, as long they will be the new owner without investing too much efforts.
These peoples do not have honor or pride for themselves, the always cause misery and pain that to others will trusted on them.
They are also emotionless and care nothing for those who they’ve created the remorse grief and emotions on them, and they also did not care for the consequences of its aftermath.
What is in their mind of such persons can be puzzling, because they have no self esteem or don’t have any self-respect and will never appreciate the trust which is given to them by others.
They are not aware that the things we earned by our own hands, we will appreciated it far more than waiting for others to spoon feed us.
If we self can achieve things for something to accomplish it with a good end result, then we are happy and proud of it, but beware of the kind of people are proud when they managed to give us the disadvantages.
It’s their true personality, and no matter how much damage they caused to others, they also think that is none of their business, because they have already beaten their stroke and are well satisfied.
That is their lifestyle and perspective on life, they do not have conscience about being compassion to others or never will have any self reproach, because in their mind, it is already a contentment and victory for them.
They are always looking to take the chances from a new victim who most likely trusted them, but they never keeps good things going,  lifelong and justice will prevail one day.
Instead of being dependent on others, we must work hard with satisfaction, that will give us the value and pride in life for what we deserves.